Dear Ian,

In our years as homeowners, we must have worked with a couple dozen contractors and designers as we have renovated the various homes in which we have
lived.  Without a doubt, you provided the best service and design of any contractor and supplier with whom we have ever worked.  There has not been one morning in
the past two years when we have walked into our kitchen and not been proud and immensely pleased with the work that you have done.  There has not been one
visitor to our home who hasn't’t said that our kitchen is one of the nicest they have ever seen.  Our kitchen is the heart of our home and we could not be more thrilled
with everything about it.

Having done other kitchen renovations through large home store suppliers, the difference between working with you, Ian, as our designer and the home store was a
real revelation.  With the home store, we had so many problems with measurements, design and orders (size and color errors), that with the price of reorders and
overtime work the home store cabinets wound up to be almost the same price as custom cabinets.  With your attention to detail, however, every piece came in on
time as ordered and the cabinets fit within millimeters of our appliances.  With the home store cabinets, we also experienced problems with warping and chipped
stain within the first two years.  The kitchen that you designed, manufactured by Royal Cabinet Company, looks as fabulous today as it did when you designed it two
years ago and I expect it to age well with time.  We have had absolutely no problems with our cabinets since we had them installed and expect them to last for the
life of our home.  

Besides the quality of the cabinets, the thought and care that you put into designing our kitchen, taking into account the needs of our growing family, was
impressive.  You anticipated needs that we would not have even considered – the homework counter, the baking area, the lower microwave, the computer nook, and
just the general overall layout that allowed the kitchen to center around our family activities.

Finally, as much as we are thrilled with the design, quality, and installation of our kitchen, we think what impressed us the most is just how wonderful you were to
work with.  When we were on Moving Up, we had an accelerated time frame of five weeks for kitchen remodel and all the other general renovations required by the
show.  We did this all with a month-old newborn and a two-year-old and were somewhat stressed out at the end of it all.  Throughout the renovations, you held our
hands through the whole process.  You served as our cheerleader, our counselor, and our friend.  In the competitive field of kitchen design there are probably
several high-end designers who could put together a flawless kitchen the way you did, but we doubt that anyone but you can bring to a project the perfect
combination of exact engineering and design, a great flow of space, and also be one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.  You were truly a joy to work with and we
wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  We would be happy to serve as a reference for Platinum Designs, and to any homeowners you may design kitchens
for in the future.  We truly think you are remarkable in your talent and wonderful as a person.


Brooke and Marc L.
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